On May 26th , 2022 the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) posted a letter to all stakeholders of the United States Postal Service encouraging and accepting comments concerning the impact of the size and timing of the postage rate increase.

    The postage increases have been within the allowable variances based on the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA), with the above CPI factors allowed through final rule #5763 put in place from the PRC review of rate making rules in PAEA. It is these factors that now should be placed back under review.

    The United States Congressional report on the Consolidated Appropriations Act expressed concern that these factors did not account for the impact of the pandemic, including factors such as higher package revenues and emergency funding provided to the USPS.

    The PRC is providing an opportunity now to hear from interested and IMPACTED parties to provide input on that issue.

    *You can send via email to or by letter to the Commission at 901 New York Av,, N.W., Ste. 200 Washington, DC 20268 by July 31 st 2022.

    The PRC is directed to study these factors (which should include the public input) and report to the Committee within 270 days on how these factors should impact the rate increases.


    In your messaging be sure to instruct the Postal Regulatory Commission that a second review of the system regulating rates and classes for Market Dominant products is necessary, and that when determining if all nine objectives, and 14 factors established by Congress in PAEA are being met that all current factors of USPS economic status be included in that consideration, such as;

    • The April 6th passage of PSRA law -
      • A reversal of $59.6 billion liability for retiree health benefits
    • $10 billion in COVID aid relief provided to USPS
    • Increased Package Volume & Revenue
    • Market Dominant Revenues ahead of last year
    Also include a description of your company and its use of the mail, and most importantly how the changes to the rate

    setting model have impacted your current and planned use of the mail.

    A deadline date of July 31st , 2022 is fast approaching

    *While the letters received are not being posted to the PRC web site, they are subject to the Privacy Act, and may be discoverable through the Freedom of Information Act process (FOIA). It is recommended that any privacy concerns be considered in any corporate or personal communications to the PRC.

    Any questions on the topics contained please contact the LSC postal ops team at 

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