Drop Shipping Mail During July 2022 Postal Increase

    On July 10, 2022, the new USPS pricing takes effect for Market Dominant and Competitive Products. Clients often ask about scheduling and drop shipping their mailing jobs before and after the price change effective date whenever there is a USPS price change.

    The correct Mailing Date must be used in electronic documentation (eDoc, which is Mail.dat files for most mailers). Jobs with eDoc Mailing Dates before July 10, 2022, will have the postage calculated at the current prices. Jobs with eDoc Mailing Dates on or after July 10, 2022, will have the postage calculated at the new prices.

    For drop shipping mailings that are verified and paid for on or before July 9, 2022, using the current prices, these drop shipments will be accepted at destination entry postal facilities through Sunday, July 24, 2022.

    Starting on June 26, 2022, mailings that are drop shipping using the new
    prices effective on July 10, 2022, may be verified and paid for using the new
    prices, providing that the drop shipments are not deposited at the destination postal facilities until July 10, 2022, or after.

    This information is detailed in a USPS Industry Alert, dated June 23, 2022,
    available on PostalPro.

    For more information. reach out to our postal team at: postaloperations@lsccom.com

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