Magazine Strategies that have Stood the Test of Time

    What is read by 91% of American adults and trusted more than other types of media? That’s right, magazine media. Advertisers recognize magazine media as a reliable source of exposure and are forecasted to spend nearly $20 billion between print and digital magazine advertising in 2018. The magazine industry was established in the mid-1800s when publications like The American Journal of Science, Good Housekeeping and National Geographic were founded. These publications are still around today, thriving well over 100 years after their respective inceptions. As one can imagine, the industry today is completely different to that of the past. From newsstands to grocery stores; smartphones or tablets, readers can access their favorite magazines just about anywhere in the world. However, for just a moment, let’s put the digital and technology trends aside, and take a look at three time-honored strategies we’ve seen top magazines continue to use to cultivate their readership:

    Specialized Content

    You pass by a magazine stand and browse some of the titles: Wooden Boat, Yoga Journal, and Game Informer. By the titles alone, you know exactly what kind of content to expect from each one. In serving a highly specialized niche, these magazines are able to maintain high appeal amongst a loyal fan base.

    Quality Over Quantity

    A profitable restaurateur understands that quality of the food will please customers more than overwhelming, subpar portions will. The same could be said for successful magazine editors. They understand the value readers place on a well-written article and keep the page counts of their magazines consistent. As a result, their publication costs remain relatively uniform and their readers are left hungry for more.

    Limited Editions

    Specialization and variety are not mutually exclusive. Popular publications capitalize on holidays, seasonal changes, and anniversaries as opportunities to excite their readers and diversify their content. Perhaps the most renowned example of this is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. That is not to say you need to feature top models and athletes in your publication, but limited editions have proved to be a fun way to spice it up and connect with readers.

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