The Governors of the United States Postal Service have decided to raise the rates for market-dominant products using almost all of the new rate authorities available to them, leaving only .001 - .006% as unused banked cap space.

The average increase is 6.9%. Pending review at the Postal Regulatory Commission the new rates will take effect on August 29th, 2021.

First-Class Single Piece Stamp prices will increase 3¢, from 55¢ to 58¢. 

The filing R2021-2 USPS Notice M-D Price Change was posted to the PRC site this afternoon 5/28/2021.

Below is a summary of the average increase by class, and below that by-product level in each class.

Within each product, there are variable increases at a presort level. LSC Communications will work with their clients to forecast the individual impact on their mailings.

As new information becomes available we will send additional communications out through the postal blog.

Overall August 29th, 2021 Postage Increases

USPS Marketing Mail Product Price Changes 

Periodical Price Changes

Package Services Price Changes

First Class Mail Price Increases 

The full filing can be found on the Postal Regulatory Commission website.


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